Cytomegalovirus Symptoms

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Symptoms can be seen in a family that has already suffered from such a disease. It is a widespread infection. In some countries, more than a half of the population is infected by CMV by the age of 40.

Childs usually got infected with CMV in childhood, specifically those in preschool set and childcare. In case of healthy adults and kids, CMV infections are hardly ever serious. It just causes some gentle symptoms. The symptoms are similar to those in mononucleosis and last for a short period of time.

CMV is primarily a trouble for two high risk groups. Firstly, the unborn babies whose mothers got infected with Cytomegalovirus Symptoms during the time of pregnancy. The second group consists of those adults and children who have weakened immune system. It is due to drug treatment or some other disease making the immune system weak.

Once an individual got infected with CMV, the virus normally lies dormant or inactive in the body, but can also be reactivated. It is reactivated in those people who have weak immune system.

Cytomegalovirus Symptoms:

Cytomegalovirus Symptoms vary depending on the health and age of an individual who is infected. It also depends on how the infection takes place.

Babies who are CMV infected before birth generally show no signs or symptoms of Cytomegalovirus infection once they are born. However, some of these babies can develop vision, hearing, neurological, and development problems in the passage of time. In some cases, Cytomegalovirus Symptoms are found at the time of birth, including premature delivery.

Infants can also contract the infection from CMV soon after birth by passing the infection through the birth canal, taking breast milk with virus from an infected mother, or getting a transfusion of blood infected with Cytomegalovirus. Many of these newborns show no symptoms and signs of CMV infection. However, some may grow up pneumonia and other symptoms.

Older teens and kids who have infection of Cytomegalovirus may have mono symptoms. This consist of fatigue, headache, fever, muscles ache, and enlarge liver. These symptoms are usually gentle and last for hardly few weeks.

CMV infection can cause to people having organ transplant or those having weakened immune system. In people with HIV or AIDS, CMV may involve the nervous system, lungs, gastrointestinal tract, and eye.

Duration of Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Symptoms:

The lasting of CMV symptoms depends on the age, general health, and the occurring of Cytomegalovirus infection to the patient. For an example, infection of Cytomegalovirus before birth results in development problems, affecting for a lifetime. Conversely, infection of CMV in teens may last for only few weeks.

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) spread:

In a country, around 1 percent of the babies are CMV is infected before birth. It usually happens when the mother got infected for the first time at the time of pregnancy. There is a risk of passing the virus from an infected mother to the unborn baby.

Among children, the virus is usually spread through indirect contact like contaminated toys. The infected kid from preschool or childcare center may spread CMV to his family members.


Cytomegalovirus Symptoms
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