Cytomegalovirus Pneumonia

Cytomegalovirus Pneumonia is a viral disease which is caused by a herpes virus known as cytomegalovirus. This disease causes cough and makes the patient feel difficulty in breathing.  A good thing to know is that this virus doesn’t causes any affects on those people who possess a good immune system but a bad thing is that patients who are already suffering from AIDS or had an organ transplant or got treated by chemotherapy get serious infections through Cytomegalovirus Pneumonia.

When a person gets Cytomegalovirus Pneumonia then its symptoms are fever, muscle aches, dry cough, anorexia, chills, wheezing, chest pain while breathing and coughing, fast heart rate and fast breathing, too much sweating and fatigue. To determine the effect of Cytomegalovirus Pneumonia some medical tests are needed to be done which include x-ray of chest, whole blood count, bronchoscopy, pulse oximetry, sputum cultures test and blood cultures test, CT scan of chest, urine antigen testing and rapid influenza testing. 

The patients who are found suffering from Cytomegalovirus pneumonia are then given medical treatment which includes antiviral medications, intravenous fluids, cough medications and immunoglobulins and bronchodilators. Patients who are going to be treated by surgeons must know few things before it like about the available options for treatment and the associated risks also they should inquire as to what can be the complications, the duration of medication and its side effects etc.

Also there are things which patients who received treatment for the disease must know like if there are any changes to be made in their diet, whether any physical therapy is required or not, when should can they continue with their normal activities and work, and when to visit a doctor for checkups after treatment.

There are some preventions and care which if taken will be very helpful for Cytomegalovirus Pneumonia patients.  Like those patients who smoke should stop smoking with immediate effect and those who not should keep themselves away from secondary smoke exposure.  Patients should take as much liquids as they can and take enough rest. Also they should take nonprescription medications of cough and make use of a vaporizer.

They should see that they take medications as directed by the doctors and that they are taken on time as well as regularly without interval. But also be precautious about the side effects. Let us discuss a little more about Cytomegalovirus Pneumonia cough caused in adult persons. There are some treatments which can be done at home.

The first is that the person should stop smoking and also safeguard himself from secondary smoke. Respiratory irritants like pollution, mold, dust, pollen and other irritating fumes must be avoided. If A/C is being used then its furnace filters must be changed on a regular basis.

The patient should have warm liquids. While sleeping the heat of the bed should be increased and the patient should sleep on his left side which is helpful in minimizing reflux of acid. Also make use of a throat lozenges and vaporizer in bedroom. Before taking cough medications some precautions are to be taken and the doctor should be consulted first.

Cytomegalovirus Pneumonia
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