Cytomegalovirus Antibody

Cytomegalovirus Antibody is a general type of virus which commonly affects a human body. The reason it being a general or common virus is that it usually shows its greater presence in human population. The human body too therefore develops certain characteristics that can fight with this virus. When the human body is exposed to Cytomegalovirus then a person’s body which has a good immune system develops antibodies to counter the virus.

The development of Cytomegalovirus Antibody is therefore very helpful in shielding the body against disease caused by the virus. To know the presence or the absence of such antibodies which can counter the Cytomegalovirus is done through specialized screening tests. A person’s body in which these types of antibodies are found shows that he/she was earlier or at present affected by the Cytomegalovirus Disease infection.  Every healthy person develops antibodies to Cytomegalovirus Antibody. If we look on to the percentage there are up to 85% people who possess antibodies to Cytomegalovirus till they reach to the age of 40 years.

The infection caused through this virus is not worrying for a healthy person but it is for pregnant and unhealthy persons. If there are any symptoms then they are mild, but for others like patients who had transplant surgery, which are having human immunodeficiency virus that is the HIV and those who are having a weak immune system the consequences can be very serious. The persons having a weak immune system can get the infection through different sources. They can get the infection from another person through a transplanted human organ or transfused human blood.

They can also get the infection by reactivation of an earlier infection. In the body two viruses known as herpes simplex and varicella which are related to cytomegalovirus are dormant and recover themselves displaying symptoms and also without them. Cytomegalovirus Antibody screening plays a great role in controlling the risk of Cytomegalovirus infection in those persons who are having greater risks of it. Therefore before any transplant doctors do the screening and check whether a person who is receiving the organ and never had Cytomegalovirus Antibody doesn’t get it from a person who had got it earlier or at present so that the recipient does not get the infection.

The recipient if gets the infection through this then the body can reject the organ or it can cause illness like pneumonia, hepatitis and even death of the person. Pregnant women who didn’t have any Cytomegalovirus Antibody infection earlier should take precautions to safeguard them from exposure to this virus during their pregnancy.

It is a congenital infection, which is commonly present and therefore if it is passes from a mother to her baby then it can make a lasting mental damage or a physical damage to the baby and can even cause death of the baby. Though the screening is not commonly practiced as part of a prenatal care but it is good to be done.

If a person having a weak immune system being transfused blood then the Cytomegalovirus Antibody screening is done.  That helps to find out the sources of symptoms in the patient’s body as the Cytomegalovirus Disease infection resembles the illness caused by Epstein-Barr virus and distinguish between the two.

Cytomegalovirus Antibody
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